Explanation of Poker Hand Ranking

Each online poker game consists of several rounds, which are in fact a beating competition between players. Each round the most valuable hand is the winning poker hand, so every person in the poker game at All Slots casino is trying to get the best combination of cards in order to be a winner. There are also betting sessions during every round, and the winner or winners take the pot at the end of the round. So, one of the essential things to remember is the poker hand ranking. Below you will find the explanation of different poker hands. The best poker hand is the Royal Flush. It’s a combination of five cards, which go in sequence and are of the same suit. These five cards should be Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. The second poker hand is the Straight Flush. It’s the collection of sequenced cards, which belong to the same suit. Keep in mind, that in the Straight Flush any Ace is accepted as the low card. This means that you can use an Ace to compose a hand of 2, 3, 4, 5. The next hand in the list is the combination known as “Four of a kind”. As it’s clear from the name, this is a collection of four cards of one rank. If several players have “Four of a kind”, than the winner is determined by the kicker – the fifth card in the hand.
Full House us the fourth in ranking. It’s composed of two sets – a pair of one kind and three cards of one kind. For example, three “tens” and a pair of Queens is Full House. If there will be more than one player with such hand, then the winning hand should be determined by the rank of three-cards set. If the “threes” are of the same rank, then the higher pair wins the game.
Flush is the fifth in the poker hand list. The Flush is a combination, which is composed of cards of equal suit. The cards should not be in sequence. The player may have a 2, 5, 6, 10 and a King of spades, and call this a flush. If there is more than one flush in the game, the winner is determined by the hand of the highest value. The next hand to mention is Straight. This is a collection of sequenced cards, which do not belong to the same suit. There may be composed several Straights during one game. In this case the winning Straight should be determined by the value of cards. If there are equal Straights, then the prize is divided between the winners. You should remember that Aces can be used both as low and high cards in Straights. This means that you can add the Ace to a King and also to a two. The last hand to explain is “Three of a kind”. This is a set of 5 cards, in which three cards are of the identical rank and the other two cards are unpaired. Here the kickers are used to determine the highest hand.

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