Basics of Poker Hand Ranking – Kickers

If you are a beginning poker player, then the first thing to do is to learn the poker hand ranking. It’s rather easy to understand what the winning poker combinations are, and after several games you will remember them. Sooner or later there will be a situation, when two or more players have equal poker hands. So, how to break the ties between these hands of the same value? In these situations the winning hand is determined by the so-called kickers. Kickers are those cards, which are left after a hand is declared by the player. Since not every poker hand has such “leftovers”, only Four/Three of a kind, Two/One pairs and high-valued card situations have kickers.

It is important to understand that you just use five cards, and the sixth and the seventh cards never determine the poker winner. You should also keep in mind that in holdem poker, the type of suit isn’t a tie-breaking factor. All the suits in online poker ranking are equally ranked. If several players have the same 5-card hands after comparing the kickers’ ranks, the pot should be divided evenly among all those players. As it was mentioned above, there are hands with no kickers. These hands are Flushes, Straights, Full Houses and Straight Flushes. For these hands the winner can be determined by comparing the high cards in hands. If both players have the equally ranked high cards, then you should make the comparison of the second card, then the third cards and so on.

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