How to Figure out the Poker Hand Probability

Have you ever thought of the poker hand probability? If yes, then this article will be interesting for you. Below it’ll be explained how the probability of different poker hands can be calculated. The first thing to learn is the number of all possible five cards combinations in poker. This number is really high – two million and six hundred thousand combinations. The next step is to calculate the number of possible combinations for every poker. For Royal Flush it’s simple to figure out this number, as there are only four such hands – one for every suit. Well, for the Straight Flush it’s possible to calculate that number mentally – nine Straight Flushes for every suit. It’ll be 36 possible combinations. For other combinations it’s also more convenient to rely on mathematical resources or poker probability calculator.

When you know the number of all possible 5-card combinations in poker game and the quantity of all possible combinations for every type of hand, you just need to divide the first number by the second to calculate the odds for every poker hand. Of course, Royal Flush has the lowest odds – one to six hundred fifty thousand! Then the rarest combination is the Straight Flush – one to seventy two thousand. The odds of the other hands are much higher. Four-of-a-kind can come up with probability of 1 to 4,165, Full House – 1 to 694, Flush – 1 to 509, Straight – 1 to 256. The other hands can occur for every 50 hands or even more frequently.

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