Poker Hand Rules in Examples

There are many theoretical guides related to the ranking of winning hands in poker. Below you will find the examples of every winning combination, as to understand the concept of every poker hand. This information can be used as an addition to the poker hand rules.

The example of the royal flush is this: the 10 of Hearts, the three face cards and the Ace of Hearts. The following combination can be called straight flush: the 5-9 of Diamonds or three face cards together with 10, 9 of Hearts. When four cards posses the same rank, it’s considered as Four of a Kind. Here’s the example – the four 6s or the four Jacks or the four Aces. The similar combination is Three of a Kind: it is just the same, but we need only three cards to match – 4 Hearts, 4 Clubs, and 4 Spades. An example of the Full house is this: three 10s and two 8s. Different non-sequenced cards of one suit are called the flush. This is an example – 2, 4, 5, 7, and 10 of Clubs. For the Straight you need to collect sequenced cards – the 6 and 9 of Clubs, the 7 and the Jack of Spades, and the Ace of Diamonds. The simplest combinations in holdem poker rules are two pair and one pair. 2 of Hearts and 2 of Clubs together with two 7s, of Spades and Hearts, for instance, will be the two pair. 5 of Heart and 5 of Clubs is called one pair.

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