The Concept of Winning Poker Hand

There are many things to learn for the beginning poker players. Besides that, there’s much to be practiced, as only training can make a skillful player of you. It may take months or even more, before you’ll start winning poker tournaments. Newbie should begin his education with learning the order of winning poker hands as well as their ranking, from the highest to the lowest. The process of memorization is rather simple, and if you proceed playing on a regular basis, you’ll be capable to read hands in a moment. All variations of poker use the same hand ranking, so whether you give preference to Texas holdem, or stud, or Omaha, or five-card draw, the ranking will always remain just the same.

There’s one rather confusing point for beginners, it’s the number of cards in a hand. The poker hand always consists of five cards, neither more nor less. Even in poker variations, such as Omaha and Texas holdem, or other poker types, in which the player can select from more than 5 cards to build a hand. Even the lowest winning poker hand, which is called a “high card”, is actually a five-card hand. High card is a hand with no pair, no flush or straight – any five not matching cards of different suits. For example, an Ace, a jack, a nine, a seven, and a three – all of mismatching suits – can be considered as the “high card”. If the other player with “high hand” doesn’t have a Ace, you’ll beat him.

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