What Is the Best Poker Hand?

At the early stage of gaming career every poker player asks a question: which poker hand is the best? The answer to this question is hidden in the concept of poker hands ranking. If you know how the hands are ranked in poker games, then you will be able to determine the best poker hand. So, let us transform the above question in the following form – How are the poker hands ranked? The Royal Flush is the most desirable combination for all the poker players. It’s the real dream even for the best poker players. It’s the highest possible hand, which a poker player can compose in a standard poker game. The chances to get the Royal Flush are very low, as you need to have three face cards, an Ace and ten. And all the mentioned above cards should be of the same suite. Keep in mind that the type of suit doesn’t matter, and no suit is higher than the other.

The second most desirable combination is the Straight Flush. For this hand you need to have 5 sequenced cards of one suit. The difference between Royal and Straight Flushes is that the second combination can start with any card, not only with the Ace. If several gamblers are lucky to have Straight Flushes, the one with the most valuable numbered card wins the pot. The next great combination is Four of a Kind. It may be four “fours” or four “Queens” or any other rank. The next winning hand is the Full House. This hand includes two sets, the first is 3 cards of the same rank and the second set is just a pair of equally ranked cards. The final question is – What the worst hand? The players from the best poker sites agree that it’s the High Card.

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